Return Policy Page


We will handle product returns from customers and product delivery from stores in line with the marketplace's returns page, as it may be updated from moment to moment. Returns will only be accepted at our discretion and in accordance with any applicable local legislation.

For the return to be upheld, the following is strictly considered and followed;

Ø  The product prize

Ø  The shipping both local and international fee

Ø  The bank transfers made, vouchers involved, store credits or such others as specified and underchecked from time to time.

Since we are a one major store , the returned products are accepted after a thorough investigation and their after refunded. Mostly the refund shall be made with respect to delivery failures, delivery of wrong prodcuts other than what the customer has paid for.

Any changes to our refunds or returns policy will take effect for all purchases made after the change is published on our website.

Note: The merchandise can only be returned within a maximum of 3 days after delivery.



Jaybrighttechnologies is a market place located online. It provides customers or buyer with an opportunity to purchase products  at their comfort zone.

As much our affiliate parties are concerend, we accept the binding of sells on behalf of them. Jaybright Technologies serves as a party to the transaction between customer and we.

Upon the buyer's confirmation of purchase via the marketplace (that is through adding to the cart), a contract for the sale and purchase of a product or products will be in effect between the buyer and jaybright technologies (seller), and you thereby agree to buy  the pertinent product or items.

Jaybright limited company terms of business shall control the sale and purchase agreement between the buyer and the stakeholders respect to general terms and conditions. Despite this, the following clauses will be included in the sale and purchase agreement between the buyer and jaybright technologies marketplace:

v  A product's cost will be specified in the appropriate product listing;

v  The cost of the goods must include all taxes and be in accordance with all current laws;

v   The buyer will only be responsible for payment of delivery fees if he or she resides past nairobi county, packaging fees, handling fees, administrative fees, insurance costs, and other ancillary costs and charges, as applicable, if such fees are expressly and clearly stated in the product listing.

v  The time take for the product to be deliverd.

v  We ensure that the product poseses acceptable quality, suitable for the intended use, and in line with all material requirements set forth in the product listing and any other description of the products provided or made available to the customer on the website;

v  For physical products sold, jaybright technologies guarantees that they are free from any third-party rights or restrictions, including those relating to third-party intellectual property rights and/or any criminal, insolvency, or tax investigation or proceedings. For digital products sold, we  guarantee that they have good title to, and we are the sole legal and beneficial owner of the products.

v  Jaybrighttechnologies guarantees that, in the event that a product is sold with such terms,  will make a complete disclosure of the product terms and conditions, any applicable warranty, and other terms required to inform the buyer about the product and its usage in the specification section provided on each product page.


These basic terms and conditions require you to make payments in accordance with the marketplace's Payments Information and Guidelines.